Creator Community Policy

Last Updated: June 22, 2023

This Community Policy is designed to keep our community of creators, shoppers, and product sellers protected, and to foster an environment where everyone feels supported. We look to you as creators to help us do this for our unique community. It’s important that you understand our Community Policy, and the role it plays in our shared responsibility to make BOND a safe space. This document sets out what is and is not allowed on BOND, the standard of conduct BOND expects of its creators outside of BOND, and applies to all content that you submit and share as a creator both on and off the platform. We take the integrity of our community seriously and any attempt to manipulate or mislead through content or our features is strictly prohibited. If you violate this Community Policy, we may respond by suspending your privileges, restricting your access to the platform, limiting your permissions to share content, or even terminating your account. In all of these cases, we are not required to reimburse you for any costs or expenses you may have incurred. This Community Policy may be amended at any time, so please make sure to check back on a regular basis. 

1. Community eligibility:

2. Claims made on BOND:

3. Content policies and creator conduct on BOND:

As part of the BOND community, your conduct and any content you share on BOND may not:

As part of the BOND community, your conduct and any content you share whether or not on BOND may not:

Additional requirements for your conduct and any content you share on BOND are as follows:

BOND reserves the right to remove prohibited or otherwise ineligible items from a product carousel and catalog, as well as those that we deem to be negatively affecting the community member experience.

With regards to a livestream, you must be physically present during the livestream in order to discuss the products included in the product carousel and to engage with our community members who are watching. The content you stream should be primarily live, with the majority of it captured and streamed in real-time. If you include any pre-recorded video in your livestream, it cannot be “looped” or played on repeat. Any pre-recorded video cannot exceed a duration of 20 minutes.

4. Comparing brands on BOND:

5. Product prices, promotions, guarantees & warranties on BOND:

6. Customer reviews on BOND:

7. Restricted products & claims on BOND:


Health products 

8. Child safety on BOND:

9. Violations of our Community Policy: